Friday, April 29, 2005

My mother came to Osaka

Golden week started from today, and my mother came to Osaka to see me. In near noon, I went to Umeda station to welcome her. When I met her, I felt a little embarrassed because I had not met her since March. After we met, we went to a restaurant to eat lunch. We ate Kushikatsu there. It was delicious, and for the first time, I ate Ebi-senbei, too. It is a snack like fried chips. At first it looked like a piece of plastic. However, once it was fried, it became bigger and shorter. The process was funny, and the taste was also good. I had wanted to eat Kushikatsu since I watched a TV program which featured on Kushikatsh. I could eat it today, so I was very happy!
My mother will return to Tottori tomorrow. I can not meet her and my family until next summer vacation. I miss it, but I will do my best during this semester looking forward to seeing them again! However, I am afraid of whether or not I can get over many tough assignments during Golden week. . . . .

Friday, April 22, 2005


In last post, I wrote a little about my hometown, Tottori. In this post, I am going to write more about Tottori. One day, a person said "Is Tottori a prefecture among Tohoku region?" Another person also said "Is Tottori a prefecture among Shikoku region?" No! Tottori is one of prefecture among Tyugoku region and surrounded by Hyogo prefecture, Okayama prefecture and Shimane prefecture. People can go to Tottori in four hours from Osaka by bus. I wrote that Tottori has the smallest population in Japan in last post. Actual population of Tottori is about 600,000. I heard that of Osaka is about 8,000,000. So, population of Tottori is about one out of thirteen of Osaka! Climate of Tottori is not too hot or too cold, but I hate summer of Tottori because of humid climate. So, when I spent last summer in Osaka, I was happy about less humidity. While it, I love winter of Tottori because snow falls there. Tottori is not a snowy country like Hokkaido, but every year snow falls about 30 cm (This is in my town case, and other towns have more snow.). Today, I wrote like data of Tottori, and someday I may write about tourists attraction, festivals etc. of Tottori . . .

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Friday, April 15, 2005


I am going to write my simple profile. I am a woman, and I was born in 1985. So, I will be twenty years old this year! Now I live in Osaka to go to the university, but most of my life, I had lived in Tottori. Tottori is famous for Tottori sand-hill, twentyth century pears and so on. Tottori is known as the prefecture which has a smallest population in Japan,too. So, when I came to Osaka, I was surprised at a lot of people, cars and shops. My hobby is . . . I do not know, but I like eating! I like all kinds of food like Japanese food, Chinese food, sweets etc. However, I do not like dishes which I make because tasts of them are not good. I want to be a good cooker early! Recently, I have interests in Chinese tea, too. I knew from TV that Chinese tea has many kinds, and the way of pouring them is unique. It seems interesting, so I want to learn it, and if I can, I want to go to China.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

first post

Making blog is difficult.