Friday, May 27, 2005


Today I really enjoyed presentations about countries. I could know new informations about Greece and Germany, so thank Megumi and Aya very much for your presentations. Also, I really thank people for listening my presentation.
For the presentation, I searchesd about Denmark and found some informations. So I am going to write about one of them, education system. In Denmark, people can go from an elementaly school to an university for free. Most of the people take compulsory education for nine years, from seven to fifteen years old. However, if you wish, you can take it for ten years. Pelple who can not decide their course can think about it for the one year. I found a differences of universities, too. In Japan, both of people, people who want to be scholars and people who want to work in the future go to universities. However, in Denmark universities are schools for people who want to be a scholars. People who want to work go to each technical school. However, when they want to change their course, they can change their scools easily. For example, a person who learned literature in an university comes to want to learn about business. The student can change easily the major from the university to a technical school. I think such changes are somewhat difficult in Japan. Through my research, I felt Denmark is a country which emphasize "What the person really want to do."

Friday, May 20, 2005

I am in bad condition

Recently, I am poor in health and feel tired always. So, I do not want to do anything and ofter sigh in my house. One of the reason is a cold. About five days before, I slept remaining my Japanese quilt falls down from my bed, so I caught a cold. The cold probably made me be out of blood. However, I think root causes of my bad condition are lack of vegetables and exercise. I heard that lack of vitamins makes people tired easily. Look back to my eating habit, certainly I did not eat enough vegetables, though I ate many sweet and oily food for long time. In addition to it, I have not got exercise since I graduated from high school. This probably made my muscle and staying power weaker and weaker.
So, I must change my life. I am trying to eat enough vegetables every day from a few days before, but exercise. . . . I am really really poor at sports. Does anyone know an exercise or a sport which is good for an inactive person??

Friday, May 13, 2005

training of cooking 1

I made a fish dish for today's dinner because I did not eat any fish recently. The dish was "Iwashi no curry kabayaki", broiled sardines with curry powder. First of all, I had to cook fish. It was a hard work for me because I had few experiences that, and fish eyes were scary. I cooked four fishes, and last one looked good. However, I was sorry about first one because it was tattered by my poor hands. Anyway, I completed it, and baked sardines on a frying pan. Then I added sake, mirin, soy sauce and curry powder to it. After a while, I took them from the frying pan and dishes up. The completion was very different from a picture of the recipe. Mine was much yellower, and sardines became pieces. . . . Also, taste was uhhh. . . . strange. Did I put much curry powder?? The way to be a good cooker is very long.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Golden week

This week was Golden week. However, I have not special memories. May 3rd, I was tired and not of blood at this day. While I was sleeping, the day pass. . . . Other two days, I only did daily life; cooking, cleaning, watching TV and a little assignment. So, this year's Golden week was so simple. I should have planned something interesting!
Then, what should I write? uhh. . . . .oh! I went to Kuzuha mall last sunday. Kuzuha mall opened lately near Kuzuha station. In the mall, there are a lot of stores. I really like two stores among them. One is a shop of soap. There is various and colorful soap in the shop. The smell of them are good, especially I like the smell of honey soap because it is so sweet. The other is a shop of jam. I sampled various jam there, and they were delicious. In addition it, jam of this shop are not used sugar, so they are good for health. I did not buy them this time, so I want to buy a bottle of jam when I go to Kuzuha mall next time.