Friday, June 24, 2005

Plans of Summer Vacation

Bunpaku was held last sunday. I did not have enough time, but I barely made and exhibited eight beads accessories, and some of them were bought by some kind people! I was very happy because my accessories were liked by people. So, I wish the accessories do not break and are used for a long time by them. . . However, this time, my number of exhibits was the fewest in my circle. So, next Gaidaisai, I must make a lot of exhibits. I am going to make them during this summer vacation, and if it is possible, I want to challenge to make another thing besides beads accessories.
Do you have any plan of summer vacation?? I think some people will travel abroad or Japan. Also, I had a plan of traveling with my mother, so I was going to write about it. But!! the plan was canceled by e-mail from her when I was writing this blog. . . She seems so exhausted from her work, so she can not afford to travel. Ahh~, I worry about her. . .

Friday, June 17, 2005

Bunpaku is coming soon!!

Next sunday, Bunpaku will be held, and I am going to attend it as a member of "creative circle Kubo-san". In this circle, people who like to make something gather, and they create photographs, pictures, accessories and so on by their own interests. I have liked to make something since I was a child, so I decided to attend the circle one year ago. From that time, I have a wonder. It is the circle's name, "Kubo-san". It seems like a person's name, but origin of it is hided, so I do not know why the circle's name is "Kubo-san". Woo~, I want to know the reason!
At the Bunpaku, I am going to display beads accessories like necklaces, bracelets and so on. Some people would feel strange about my making accessories because I usually do not wear them. Yes, I also feel strange . . . .but making accessories is fun! So, it is OK! Anyway, I must make exhibits hastily after this blog because I do not make even one accessory!!!

Friday, June 10, 2005


I usually go to university by my bicycle, even it is a rainy day. So, last Monday as usual I was going to start from my house at 8:50. My house is near university, so 20 minutes is enough to go to university by bicycle. I unlocked two keys of my bicycle (One is original key and the other is a key like rope which ties a tire and the body. When I bought my bicycle, a kind shopper gave me it because there were thefts of bicycles around my house) and tried to start with bicycle. However, strangely my bicycle did not move. I wondered it so looked over the bicycle. To my surprise, back wheel was locked by another rope key! I had never known such key, so I could not unlock it. I tried to by hands, but of course, it was useless. So, the day I had to walk to university, and I was late for Chinese class because of the strange key!
I thought someone might mistake own bicycle and lock mine. So I waited the person unlock the key, but no one. Yesterday, I could not stand any more because my bicycle was necessary for my daily life, so I went to a bicycle shop. I told the story to a shopper, and the shopper said " Ah~ This is probably mischief. Someone may be pleased to confuse others."

Friday, June 03, 2005

Summer and Chinese

Today I do not have a particular topic, so I am going to write vaguely about what I think recently.
1. Summer is coming. . . .Nowadays, temperature becomes warmer, and daylight becomes longer, so I feel summer is coming. Summer has many leisure activities like sea, canping, fireworks and so on. Many people will love this season, but I do not like summer because of a lot of hotness. Summer always makes me exhausted. However, I realize summer makes vegetables cheaper. In winter, vegetables were expensive, so I could not ate them so much. Recently, various vegetables like cucumbers, tomatos, lettuces become cheaper, so I can buy and enjoy eating them. I am pleased it, so I come to thank and like (...a little) summer!

2. Chinese. . . .I want to travel to China, so I have studied Chinese since I was in the first grade. However, I realized my pronunciation was bad when I became second grade and my Chinese teacher said. Chinese has "Seicho", I do not know how to explain, but it makes pronunciation very difficult for me. The teacher said "If you repeat same sentences more than 20 times, your pronunciation becomes good." So I have tried it, but as I repeat sentences, I become confused. Now, I grope my way about improving my pronunciation. Uhh...learning foreign languages is difficult!