Friday, July 15, 2005

This weekend

Today I finished one test and from tommorw three days holiday will start! Do you have any plan? First, I want to sleep enough and before midnight because these day I can not sleep well. Also, if I can I want to go to Gion-Matsuri. As you know, it is a very famous festival in Kyoto, and I have really wanted to go since I knew about the festival. However, next Tuesday we will have test of Stephen's class. In addition to it, I will have another two class's tests. I did not study yet, so I should study for them during this holidays. But I want to go to Gion-Matsuri, so I am wavering now. . . Do you like Japanese festival, omatsuri? I like very much! I like people wearing yukata, stands which sell various things, sounds of drums or flutes, and light of Japanese lantern. They make me feel excited and nostalgic. When I was a child, it was a big event in summer vacation.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Plans of Summer Vacation2

Summer Vacation will come soon, and many people seem to have interesting and exciting plans! What are you going to do during this summer vacation??
My summer vacation will be movie summer vacation. I did not have interests in movies, but recently I really want to watch movies. First, I want to watch Star Wars. Last Sunday, Star Wars was aired on TV. It was interesting, but I could not watch the whole story. So, I want to watch the story completely, and also Star Wars Episode 2. Episode 3 will be released from tomorrow at movie theaters, so if it is possible, I also want to go. Next, I want to watch movies of Audrey Hepburn. I know her name, but I do not watched any movie of her. However, today's class I saw one of her movies a little. She was very beautiful and pretty! and the story seemed interesting. So, I got to want to watch her movies. Third, I want to watch Disney movies. I often watched Disney movies when I was a child, but I did not watch them for recent years. However, since I watchd Beauty and the Beast, I have thought I want to watch them again. So, this summer I am going to watch Disney movies. In addition, I also want to watch Lord of the Ring and The Last Sumurai because people say they are interesting. . . . I have many movies to see.

Friday, July 01, 2005

My Gustatory Change

Recently, it did not rain though rainy season, so I worried about it. However, at last it rained today! I actually do not like rain, but today I was happy!
By the way, do you have any change which happen after you entered university, after you started to live alone or as you become old?? I have some changes.
One of the changes is gustatory change. Do you put wasabi, ginger or leeks in sauce dip when you eat Japanese cold noodles like udon, soba or somen? I had disliked those spices since I was a child because their tastes were fiery. So, when I ate the noodles, I ate with only plain sauce dip. I could not understand why adults use such spices. However, a few days ago I vaguely thought "I try to eat somen like adults." So, I put ginger and leeks in sauce dip and ate. To my surprise, I felt it was more delicious than plain sauce dip. Also, when I was a high school student, I could not drink coffee. It was bitter for me. However, when I became a university student, I started to drink coffee to wake up. At first, it was bitter, but recently I come to feel it tasts good. I think my taste gets old gradually.