Friday, September 30, 2005

Last sunday, I went to Kyoto to meet my friends. First, we went to Kitano Tenmangu because a monthly festival was held on the day. At the festival, there were many stands which sold foods, kimonos and Japanese antiques etc. There were many interesting and rare things, so only looking was fun. Among the stuff, the most fascinating thing to me was an old record player. I saw it in movies or TV programs, but this day I saw real one and heard real sound! The sound was muffled and cool. I loved it at once! If I became older and had a house which matched the player, I would get it.
After that, we went to a friend's house. We chatted, ate snacks and drank for about one hour, but this day all of us were less sleep and tired, so we slept until the time I had to go back home. I wanted to talk more, but I could met friend and enjoyed the festival. So it was a nice day!


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