Friday, October 28, 2005

Do you have unconscious habits?

Do you have some habits which you do unconsciously? Maybe most of the people have at least one, and I also have such habits. First is "touching my hair". Sometimes I realise that I touch my hair unconsciously, and it tend to happen when I am thinking or I am uneasy. This my habit often made my sister irritated, and I was scolded "Do not touch your hair!! It really makes me mad!!" (Sorry, but I could not stop it. . . ) Now I do not live with my sister, so she perhaps spends peaceful days. This habit is OK for me because it has an general explanation, "People tends to touch thier hair when they feel uneasy". So I can understand this my habit. But next habit I can not understand. It is "always changing TV channel to ch.1 when I turn off it". I do not intend it, but when I turn on TV, almost it starts from ch.1! (Of course, my TV has not a function that automatically change the channel to ch.1) So, unconsciously I do it. . . but why I do such a thing? I wonder.

Friday, October 21, 2005


At last post, I wrote that I want any spider to come into my house forever. But my wish was broken out. Another spider comes and lives in my house! This spider is bigger and scaryer than last one, so I can not combat. . . This spider stays on a lampshde for two days and does not go to other place. Does it like the lampshade?? and spiders can live without eating?? Before that, what spiders eat. . . ??
Anyway, these days are really autumn!! I like this season because it is easy to spend a day, and I can sleep well without interruption by heat. Autumn is said "autumn of eating", "autumn of sports" or "autumn of art". Which do you like the best? Of course, I like "autumn of eating". Chestnuts, sweet potatos, mushrooms, salmons and so on, I like all of them! The other day, when I was shopping, I found seven sweet potatos were sold by 200 yen! Don't you think it is cheap? So, I made miso-soup of sweet potatos (Before I did not put them into miso-soup, but I tried it because a friend recommended). It was good, so please try it when you get sweet potatos.

Friday, October 07, 2005

I do not welcom any spider

Recently, I had a trouble. A spider came into my house! It was a small one, so some people think it was not any trouble. But for me, who hate insects very much, it was an awful thing. I do not know the reason, but often around my house spiders come out.
One night, when I was studying, a spider suddenly appeared and climbed up on the curtain. I did not want to touch it, so I only watched it. After a while, the spider disappeared, so I thought it got out from my house. But it was wrong. Next morning,When I got up and touched a TV controller, a black thing suddenly across my desk! I was shocked. The spider was still in my house. . . But that morning, I did not have time to combat it, so I neglecred it and went to school wishing the spider got out until I came back home. But No. When I came home, the spider was still in my house and walking around TV. I was angry about it, no more I want to live with the spider, so I decided to drive out it. After a short fight, I made it! But it was weird, so I do not want any spider to come into my house forever. . .