Friday, October 21, 2005


At last post, I wrote that I want any spider to come into my house forever. But my wish was broken out. Another spider comes and lives in my house! This spider is bigger and scaryer than last one, so I can not combat. . . This spider stays on a lampshde for two days and does not go to other place. Does it like the lampshade?? and spiders can live without eating?? Before that, what spiders eat. . . ??
Anyway, these days are really autumn!! I like this season because it is easy to spend a day, and I can sleep well without interruption by heat. Autumn is said "autumn of eating", "autumn of sports" or "autumn of art". Which do you like the best? Of course, I like "autumn of eating". Chestnuts, sweet potatos, mushrooms, salmons and so on, I like all of them! The other day, when I was shopping, I found seven sweet potatos were sold by 200 yen! Don't you think it is cheap? So, I made miso-soup of sweet potatos (Before I did not put them into miso-soup, but I tried it because a friend recommended). It was good, so please try it when you get sweet potatos.


  • When I return to the country and stay in the house for some days, I often see the spiders too. I hate them very much because they only look ugly@@; I hope the spider who stays in your room go out of your room.
    I also like the autumn only because the climate is mild and easy to lead the life.Oh, but I have to buy the clothes for fall and winter though I don't have much money...><

    By Blogger syuhei, at 10:42 PM  

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