Friday, October 07, 2005

I do not welcom any spider

Recently, I had a trouble. A spider came into my house! It was a small one, so some people think it was not any trouble. But for me, who hate insects very much, it was an awful thing. I do not know the reason, but often around my house spiders come out.
One night, when I was studying, a spider suddenly appeared and climbed up on the curtain. I did not want to touch it, so I only watched it. After a while, the spider disappeared, so I thought it got out from my house. But it was wrong. Next morning,When I got up and touched a TV controller, a black thing suddenly across my desk! I was shocked. The spider was still in my house. . . But that morning, I did not have time to combat it, so I neglecred it and went to school wishing the spider got out until I came back home. But No. When I came home, the spider was still in my house and walking around TV. I was angry about it, no more I want to live with the spider, so I decided to drive out it. After a short fight, I made it! But it was weird, so I do not want any spider to come into my house forever. . .


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