Saturday, November 26, 2005

This Wednesday I watched "Nippon Mukasi-Banashi" on TV. That day I had a hard time to write a report, and I found the program accidentally when I turn on TV to refresh my head . It is an animation program of Japanese old tales, and I liked it very much when I was a child. So I felt really nostalgic and I kept watching it. Then, I noticed that the ending song was a really warm and homely song. The song's name is "Ningen Te Iina", and it reminds people about their happy childhood and warm family. This song makes me missing my home.
But the feeling will go away soon because my mother and my sister will come to Osaka tomorrow to see me! . . .though my sister's first aim is buying clothes. But I never mind such a thing because I can meet them. I am really looking forword to tomorrow!

Friday, November 18, 2005

I like winter but. . .

These days are really really cold! I can not get out from my bed easily in morning. In winter, I feel lonelier than summer because of the coldness. However, I have liked winter since I was a child because there are some interesting events, my prefecture has snow so I can ski, and I can eat delicious nabe!
But some troubles also happen in winter. One is I eat too much! I feel hungry soon after meals . . . Maybe, winter is cold, so to make more energy I need a lot of foods. Also, in winter I come to want to eat much cheese. I do not know the reason, but actually, today I ate rice gratin at lunch and carobonara (Is this spelling right?) spaghetti at dinner. Both of them are rich calory foods. . . So, I am always over calories in winter.
Next is rough skin. I have suffered my rough hands since I was a child. But recently, I found another rough skin point. That is my legs. When I was a teenager, my legs did not have such problem. However, when I saw them the other day, they became like a dry river! No--!!! So, I have to buy a lotion or cream immediately. But in shops there are various types . . . Do you have any recommendation??

Friday, November 11, 2005

School Festival

Last Sunday, school festival finished. Did you enjoy it?? At the festival, I ate various foods like yakisoba, yakitori, pancakes and so on. All of them were delicious, so I was happy! But this time, I had no chance to see other's performance or exhibition, so I really missed them. . .
During the school festival, I attended as a member of a circle and exhibited accessories of beads. Making them was hard for me because it needed tiny works, so I always had a stiff back and headache. But when someone liked my work and bought it, I was really really happy. So that time, the pain became worthwhile.
By the way, one day of the festival, an old man came to our circle's room and spoke about study or life(?) for almost 40 minutes!! The speech made us exhausted, but it was a little interesting for me because I did not have such experience that listening a long story from an elder person. And I had interests in his idea, so if it is possible, I want to meet him again.