Friday, November 18, 2005

I like winter but. . .

These days are really really cold! I can not get out from my bed easily in morning. In winter, I feel lonelier than summer because of the coldness. However, I have liked winter since I was a child because there are some interesting events, my prefecture has snow so I can ski, and I can eat delicious nabe!
But some troubles also happen in winter. One is I eat too much! I feel hungry soon after meals . . . Maybe, winter is cold, so to make more energy I need a lot of foods. Also, in winter I come to want to eat much cheese. I do not know the reason, but actually, today I ate rice gratin at lunch and carobonara (Is this spelling right?) spaghetti at dinner. Both of them are rich calory foods. . . So, I am always over calories in winter.
Next is rough skin. I have suffered my rough hands since I was a child. But recently, I found another rough skin point. That is my legs. When I was a teenager, my legs did not have such problem. However, when I saw them the other day, they became like a dry river! No--!!! So, I have to buy a lotion or cream immediately. But in shops there are various types . . . Do you have any recommendation??


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