Friday, December 02, 2005

I need sunshine!

Which weather do you like the best? Fine? cloudy? or rainy weather? Today, it was cloudy. All day, sky was coverd with heavy gray cloud, and sun did not come out. That weather reminded me of my home town, Tottori. Tottori is located near Nihon-kai and have snow, so during winter the sky is often covered heavy gray cloud. Today's weather of Hirakata was very similar to it.
But the cloudy weather is a problem for me because I can not be cheerful without sunshine. Don't you have an experience that you feel depressed on a cloudy day? I feel it every cloudy day. I know I am not so active even fine days, but cloudy days make me more inactive and drowsyer. . . So, I like fine weather which gives me power! Sunshine makes me feel everything goes right. So, I wish this weekend will be fine weather!


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